Category: linguists and society

Scientists of all kinds speak out in the media on issues that affect society.  What is the linguist’s obligation?  Two language-based issues roil our society, year after year: (i) political correctness/language control; and (ii) the politicization, indeed weaponization of language to persuade and mislead large groups of people (includes such topics as fake news disinformation, propaganda, truth/lies, and much more).  Why are linguists silent?  Because they all live in academic halls of stifling political correctness?

Calling (out) my fellow linguists

Our society is divided by many conflicting forces, but two of them are in our face almost all the time, roiling America like the whirling blades of the old MixMaster – and causing just as much confusion.

Both are related to the field in which I was trained – linguistics. Both center on language – not surprising, since language is a multi-purpose tool without which we would not be human.

I think of them as two mega-issues, each with a constellation of sub- and intersecting issues.

Hate speech and fighting words