Professional Experience

(examples [not including current cases]):

  1. – Expert opinion on status of compound words (trademark infringement litigation).
  2. – Expert opinion on plagiarism of song lyrics (copyright litigation involving musical group The Who).
  3. – Authorship analysis of e-mails in Florida internal union dispute.
  4. – Expert opinion on plagiarism of online home-study course.
  5. – Preliminary analysis of authorship issues in malpractice litigation.
  6. – Expert opinion on authorship issues in business partnership dispute involving anonymous writings.
  7. – Authorship analysis of anonymous letters of complaint to a corporation’s Board of Directors.
  8. – Expert opinion on the semantics of trademark infringement in litigation by an apparel firm.
  9. – Authorship analysis of anonymous letters (possibly written by disgruntled employees) for major – Midwestern corporation.
  10. – Authorship analysis of emails to website of a “cult deprogrammer.”
  11. – Expert opinion on linguistic similarities between plaintiff’s and defendant’s trademarks.
  12. – Authorship analysis of defamatory emails written to an individual in a corporation.
  13. – Authorship advice on a possibly forged stock transfer document.
  14. – Authorship analysis of letters involved in the Son of Sam case.
  15. – Analysis to support allegations of plagiarism of online course material.
  16. – Interpretation of contract language regarding the disposition of acquired corporate entities.
  17. – Interpretation of equipment rental contract language.


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